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What do we offer?

Welcome to the future. You’ll never have to worry about your house keys again. With our extensive Digital Key options, your life will be much easier and much safer.

Aren’t you tired of having to carry your keys with you everywhere, even when you go to places like the beach? Have you ever had to change your locks because you lost your keys? Do you really know who all has copies of your house keys? Have you ever missed a delivery because you weren’t home when it arrived? – Now you can put all of these problems behind you, forever!

You’ll never lose (or even have to think about) your keys again. No one will have a copy and you won’t need to bother lending copies to guests.

You’ll be able to offer unique access to anyone, and to any door of your property, at any time you choose, which is ideal for cleaning and other household services (cleaning, repair, maintenance, etc.)

Thanks to our unique system, you will even have the option to offer guests (renters, patrons, family, friends, etc.) individualized access to any selected zone of your residence, at the exact time you choose. You also have full capability to control your patrons’ entrance and exit hours.

Do you rent out a vacation home? With our unique Access Control options, you can offer anyone you choose access to your property, from anywhere in the world, simply through an access code. You’ll have the ability to either accept or deny anyone’s access code at any time, and you’ll never have to lend out a set of keys again! You’ll also never have to worry about your tenants making their own copies of your house keys.

For those in the business field, another advantage is your capability to control your employees’ entrance and exit times, from any corner of the globe.

With our DigitalKey biometric control system, we’ve made life better and safer for everyone, since it’s impossible to copy your fingerprint or hack into your keypad. Ekey products are Europe’s #1 seller. They’re of the highest quality and are easy to install. They work perfectly on any type of door, they’re easy to maintain, and they come with a five-year guarantee. Their simple, yet elegant design is perfect for any setting: houses, apartments, condominiums, or flats, individualized offices, office buildings, or anywhere you can imagine you might need to offer individualized or restricted entrance.